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The  firm owes its name to M. O'Brien Hercules, who many  years ago founded GTA Legal Services. That firm  has been sold to the partners.

Although  Hercules'   history  dates  back many years, his solutions and legal services reflect current local and international trends. He  has a fresh  approach to Dispute Resolution.  The shift to focus more on Dispute Resolution through Mediation, is due to the under-use of  mediation. 

His goal is to propagate mediation; put in in the hands of businesses and individuals, whenever it can be used.  Part of this process involves clarifying clients objectives and  testing their assumptions, thus doing his best  to ensure that  the potential benefits justify the costs.

His tradition of  excellence will continue by protecting clients' privacy; being constantly creative and solution oriented. Whatever your problem is, he takes it from you and shoulders it.

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              Rules of Governance:

Protection of confidential information is a fundamental feature of any  relationship with clients. It exists not only as a matter of law and as a matter of conduct. This duty continues despite the end of the retainer  and even

after the death of the client.

It must at all times, characterize any professional dealings with clients, the court, other legal service providers and the public.

Clients' information will  not be revealed to any third party without the  client's consent, under no circumstance. Whether it's a traffic ticket, a debt collection or information received during a free consultation,  even if a retainer agreement was not entered into, as a result of the consultation.

A client relationship can sometimes be established without formality,  and that is kept in mind. Consequently, Hercules Legal Services is cautious about accepting confidential information on an informal or preliminary basis,  as in a free consultation. 

Possession of the information could prevent Hercules from subsequently acting for another party in the same or a related matter.

Hercules will occasionally provide  services at no

cost (Pro Bono) to  the poor and destitute, in order to ensure they are not estranged from the  legal process.

Hercules will not accept a client, who does not speak or understand English sufficiently to communicate with him;  as well as appreciate the consequences or the options available, for their matter.
Hercules will make  every effort to listen to the uninformed and the unrepresented,  they too, have their say.

Hercules takes calculated risks and challenge boundaries to achieve breakthrough results. Is  confident, decisive and act with the courage of his convictions. 

He also endeavors to treat everyone with dignity and respect, even an adversary.  Although favorable results are important, the methods by which these results are achieved, are equally important to him. 
If Hercules Legal Services cannot provide you legal service required for your matter, you will be referred to other members of 'The Law Society of Ontario' who possess the appropriate skills and experience, and who also share the same values as Hercules.

                        Paralegal Member of 'The Law Society of Ontario' 

               Mediation, Debt Collection, Criminal,  By-Law & Traffic Charges