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Having a  safe workplace is basic, and employers in general do a  good job ensuring that. What is often overlooked is violence resulting from dismissing an employee. 

In most cases, terminating an employee  is almost as hard on the person doing the dismissal as it is on the  person being dismissed.  Nevertheless, when the working relationship has deteriorated beyond repair, dismissal is the only option.

Whether the bad news is given to that employee by their manager or the H R department, the exposure to harm ensuing  the firing still exists.  It is safer to have the dismissal  done for you, by  Hercules Legal Services. 

Yes, M. D. O'Brien. Hercules will come  to your workplace to  do the termination.  It is a safer and less expensive option than having to deal with a senior member of your staff getting hurt in the process.

An assessment can be done prior to the dismissal, and you will be advised  accordingly.  

Additional services:

Escorting the individual off the property

Monitoring the activities of the dismissed person for added security

Surveillance of employees in the field, while still employed

Pre-employment screening and security checks

      High-Risk Dismissals

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