Paralegal Member of 'The Law Society of Ontario' 

               Mediation, Debt Collection, Criminal,  By-Law & Traffic Charges  

               Areas of Practice

Debt collection
Account Receivables, (Corporate and Retail)  
Collecting any money that is owed to you.

Dispute resolution, through Mediation
Focusing on;
Contract disputes
Division of assets
Partnership Break-up
Professional negligence claims
Breach of warranty

Municipal By-Law Offences
Property standards, Renovations, Fences, Fire regulation, Building Code, Room-in-House, Noise, Animals, Public Health

Highway Traffic Offences
Careless Driving - No Insurance
Driving under Suspension
Stunt Driving - Speeding 
If you have been charged with a SERIOUS TRAFFIC OFFENCE, you need professional help.   
Assets recovery 
If  your financial  planner has disappeared along with your funds, you need Hercules Legal Services.

Similar to Debt Collection, the fee for this service is an 'Agreed to' percentage of whatever is recovered.

Criminal Offences
Don't get into trouble, but if you get charged with a criminal offence, you need to talk to a professional.

High Risk Dismissals 
There is no need to expose your valued senior management to risk of harm, when terminating an employee.  Hercules Legal Services can do that for you. 


Other Services





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 Visa Invitation                    Letters,  

 Press  Releases, 

 Document editing,   Website content, 


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