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Mediation is the  modern and  effective means by which individuals and businesses can resolve disputes, in a

peaceful and dignified manner at a fraction of the cost of litigation and in much less time.  Unlike going to court, it is also private.

The mediator acts as an impartial third person, who helps the parties overcome their communication barriers and reach an agreement that is satisfactory to all parties.  Most importantly, an experienced mediator can apply the skills learnt overtime, to come up with creative ways to settle a dispute.

A Mediator is not the same as an Arbitrator.   An Arbitrator is like a little judge. He/she can conduct a formal hearing, with lawyers representing each side. The arbitrator's decision is a judgment and is binding on the parties.

The Mediator in contrast, does not make judgments nor

decisions for the parties.  The Mediator helps the parties 
find solutions that meet part or most of the needs of both

sides. The goal is a fair agreement, that satisfies both 
sides; not a decision that leaves one side a winner and

the other a loser.    

What Mediation is not: A mediator's role is not to provide legal advice.  A mediator does not take sides nor look to see who is at fault.  

A good mediator can settle in weeks, what the court will

take years to settle.  If you ever think of going to court,  

try mediation first.

Try Mediation if: 
You like to speak for yourself, and to make your own decisions.    
Privacy and confidentiality are important to the parties.   
Money is tight and you cannot afford the extreme costs

of litigation. 
Time is a factor and both sides seek quick resolution within days/weeks, rather than months or years.
You are yearning for a full night's sleep.

​                   Mediation                                                                                             

      Dispute resolution in Toronto; effective  & affordable

                 Why Mediation

Waiting years and spending a fortune to settle a dispute through the courts is no longer acceptable.  
If you are about to start litigation, do you realize that at some point, before getting to the court room, you will be forced to try Mediation?  By then you would have already spent thousands of dollars.  It makes sense to try mediation first.

The process does not require formalized claims or procedures. The parties can  explore different avenues to reach a settlement, and it is not binding. The only part of mediation that is binding, is the  final agreement which has been agreed  to and signed by the parties.

Choosing to resolve your dispute through mediation offers you a number of advantages over litigation.  It saves you money, time, and puts you right in the driver's seat by giving you total control over the process.

When using mediation, please understand that we must be neutral and cannot take sides, regardless of which party was first to contact us. 

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