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Municipal  Laws in Canada cover a very wide area.  In addition, most Municipalities have the authority to legislate their own By Laws. Consequently, what is legal in one jurisdiction might be an offence in another.  

There are also instances where a matter might appear to be in violation of a By Law, but is in agreement with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. 

For  most individuals, just being charged and having to attend court is a terrifying experience.  Technology along with today's more complex legislation, make appearing in court too much of a challenge for the untrained.

Whether you are a developer, contractor, builder, or property owner, Hercules Legal Services can work with you to protect your interest. 
Here are some typical Municipal By Law matters for which you might need help.  Zoning, Fencing, Garbage disposal, Noise, Signs, Animals, Sidewalks, Building, Official plans, Subdivisions, Development charges, Variances, Permits .............

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